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Over the years we have enjoyed the emails and phone calls from people who have benifited from using the Molecular Enhancer.

If you would like to share your experiences and /or a picture of you on the ME please contact us!

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User Experiences

Paul Russell: "I work as a timber faller in the Pacific Northwest. In 1998, I was severely hurt when a tree landed on the small of my back. My doctor was unable to tell me how or when the pain would stop, so I was open to any help. That’s when I tried the Dan Dial’s Molecular Enhancer™ that belonged to my mother.

I was pain-free and back at work in less than a week. Not long after that, I purchased the first of my two Enhancers. I use one and loan the other to friends.

Originally, I purchased my Enhancer to stay on top of nagging pain I had every day, especially from a compound leg fracture that had been repaired with steel rods. The leg and the other aches and pains that would crop up every morning were nearly intolerable by the afternoon. Now, that’s behind me and it’s been at least seven years since I suffered a bad cold or flu.

Now, I watch minor injuries heal quickly and cleanly, but nothing is more amazing than my recovery from a devastating head trauma a few years ago.

In March 2004, I suffered a severe blow to the left side of my skull. I had many fractures – from my nose, up over the top of my head, to the base of my skull.

It was really bad. Bone fragments pushed into my brain, and my optic nerve and ear canal were badly damaged. I had to have extensive surgery to fix and reconstruct my face, ear and eye, but I was left slack-faced. I couldn’t see out of my left eye and I was almost deaf in my left ear.

Even so, my recovery surprised doctors. I didn’t even have any lasting neck damage. A year later, I was back at my demanding job.

Today, even though I have not regained sight in my left eye, my hearing is fine, and my face and brain functions are normal.

'Although the Molecular Enhancer will work even on a cynic because it simply works, it’s Paul’s upbeat spirit that undoubtedly contributes to his positive experiences,' said its inventor, Dan Dial."


Jeff Bergerson: "I am a personal trainer and extreme skier. I first began using Dan Dial’s Molecular Enhancer™ in 2005. I consider myself cynical by nature and I’m constantly on the lookout for products that may give false hope to my clients, so I was wary of anything that promised what appeared to be magical results. Being a skeptical watchdog sometimes means trying something that appears to have real promise. The Enhancer piqued my interest and I purchased one and began using it up to an hour each day.

Within weeks, I found that fingers I injured in a bicycle accident had healed. Once, after a 50-mile-per-hour collision with another skier, I sustained no long-term injuries.

I’ve found the Dan Dial’s Molecular Enhancer often works that way. Dysfunction corrects itself without your conscious knowledge or something that should cause injury, doesn’t result in the expected damage.

Then there are the times that I purposefully uses the Enhancer, such as when I plunged off a 50-foot cliff while skiing, hyperextended my knee and then walked out of the backcountry to my car.

I fully expected to be sidelined for six months and that my knee would never be the same. But use of the Enhancer for 45 minutes each day had me jogging and playing racquetball within six weeks. Eight weeks after the accident, my knee was showing no damage from the accident.

Daily use of the Enhancer helps me recover from the soreness and fatigue I used to feel from my demanding exercise routine. I no longer experiences exercise-related injuries that used to be the frequent result of my workouts.

I estimate that my recovery time is three times faster than before and even my digestion and skin have improved significantly since I first began using the Enhancer."


Marylynn & Jim Kintner: "I am Marylynn Kintner, a former schoolteacher. In 2002, I was suffering from such severe tendonitis in my arm that I could no longer use it for anything. A Seattle orthopedist recommended surgery that would remove two tendons and require a lengthy recovery period. But, frankly, I was tired of being out of commission and I told the orthopedist I would look elsewhere. He fully expected to see me back in his office for the surgery.

That’s when I decided to see Dan Dial. Eventually I purchased my own Enhancer and began using it every day. My arm is now entirely pain free, and I’ve been able to reduce my Enhancer sessions to four or five per week with continuing results.

My chronic sinus infections and migraines have lessened significantly since I began using the Enhancer, and it relieves my arthritis pain.

My husband Jim, who is a tax lawyer, has been using the Molecular Enhancer™ nearly every day for years and he is a great believer in its benefits. He even notices the difference in his energy level if he misses a single session and he appreciates the boost he gets from the Enhancer.

Although Jim’s general health is good, he was diagnosed nearly a decade ago with Meniere’s disease, a disorder of the inner ear. Jim believes the Enhancer has helped him manage the illness, has helped him retain 50 percent hearing in the affected ear. I’ve been told that it is unusual to keep any hearing and has freed him from the emotional and physical drain of its irritating symptoms, such as dizziness and tinnitus.

My husband even made a believer of his 88-year-old aunt, who is now a daily Enhancer-user. She was diagnosed with her fifth bout of melanoma in the past eight years and even though her numerous surgeries have certainly been difficult, her cancer has never metastasized, which is both a blessing and a surprise."


Ray & Uta Harry: "I have been using Dan Dial’s Molecular Enhancer™ daily since 2001. In the last several years, I underwent various surgeries, including two hip replacements and rotator cuff surgery.

Before the second hip replacement, I used the Enhancer before and after the surgery and the experience was noticeably better than the first. My recovery time was shorter and I experienced few of the side effects I had with the first hip replacement. With the first hip surgery, the muscles and nerves around the joint atrophied and I never regained normal function.

I believe the Enhancer has been an effective aid in ridding my body of the toxins that can enter the body as a result of surgery, such as from anesthesia and stitches. I was even able to quickly get rid of an infection that affected me after a surgery on my arm. It’s like the Enhancer helped flush the toxins from my body."

"My name is Uta and I am Ray Harry’s wife. I was afflicted with severe sciatica pain before I began using the Molecular Enhancer. My regular physician told me the pain would probably worsen over time and a pain clinic gave me pain-relief medications and shots, but the pain only grew worse.

A stomach problem that developed as the result of the pain medication further complicated things. Four years after I first began using the Enhancer, I was free from sciatica pain and now I do not take prescription or over-the-counter pain medications.

My recovery from sciatica pain was slow. To experience improvement with major ailments, you must be committed to the Enhancer. I use it every day for a half-hour to an hour and it actually helps with all manner of minor maladies, even minor burns or the aches and pains that go with getting older."

The Molecular Enhancer does not heal or cure. It helps provide the energy the body needs to function properly.